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Disney’s ‘Tangled’ & 21st Century Princesses

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 at 8:26 am in Movies.

"Tangled" (Disney)
So, Disney’s new take on the Rapunzel fairy tale opens Nov. 24, and the girl with the long, long hair has been considerably updated. In the new, “Tangled” version, Rapunzel has had it with this locked tower gig. She’s about to turn 18, and the curious, adventuresome teen is about to make an exit with the help of Flynn Rider, a charming rogue who did not sign up for this, and, oh, 70-feet of blond hair. Looks pretty darn cute, and the story was certainly due for updating. The original Grimm tale was grim indeed – the prince gets blinded by thorns, for heavens sake – and old-school Rapunzel wasn’t exactly the spunky, strong-minded heroine we 21st century Hermione-lovers favor. So this looks like it will be fun – and the previews are pretty adorable.

But it makes me wonder which other Disney princesses are overdue for a spunky makeover. Snow White – passive victim who ends up shacked up with seven old men and sings while she mops? Sleeping Beauty? She’s asleep for most of the movie, people. OK, your turn:

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2 Responses to “Disney’s ‘Tangled’ & 21st Century Princesses”

  1. Jones Says:

    I don´t think a girl who sings when she mobs is a much worse role model than a severely anorexic heroine…

  2. AnnB Says:

    I don’t have a problem with Snow White or Sleeping Beauty but I always hated the core idea behind Cinderella. Namely, if you’re being abused you should quietly accept the abuse, and eventually someone will show up with a magic wand and rescue you.

    Snow White made a lifestyle choice and Sleeping Beauty was tricked into her bad luck. Both of those stories are ok as they are. The idea of equating being good with being a victim is what creeps me out about Cinderella.

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