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Book Giveaway: Elves’ First Christmas

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, December 13th, 2010 at 12:32 pm in Books, Contest.

The Elves' First Christmas Christmas is nearly here and we don’t know about you, but at our house, it’s a season that calls for books, books and more books. And this one – “The Elves’ First Christmas” by Atsuko Morozumi – is particularly charming. The Japanese author and illustrator is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, and we’re kinda wishing those illustrations were available as posters! Want a copy of the book? Click “comments” and tell us, what do you leave for Santa on Christmas Eve? A plate of cookies? A carrot for the reindeer? A glass of Scotch? (Hey, it’s cold outside!) We’ll draw a winner’s name on Monday, and get that book headed your way before the big day.

Meanwhile, congrats are due to Judy W, who won Lidia Bastianich’s “Nonna Tell Me a Story”!

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8 Responses to “Book Giveaway: Elves’ First Christmas”

  1. Cindi Says:

    The cover is gorgeous on this book! We really love
    books in our home…We leave a key for Santa, cookies
    and milk on a special plate just for him and carrots for his Reindeer. We sprinkle “Reindeer Food” outside our home, also!
    “Happy Holidays!”
    Many thanks, Cindi

  2. Robin Says:

    Milk and cookies for Santa, and carrots and water for th reindeer.

  3. Ellie Says:

    Aww, elves! I love books about elves, and of course, Santa’s elves are on our mind this time of year. We leave a plate of milk and cookies for Santa, as that’s what we were always told he likes. And of course, we leave our stockings out for Santa, to fill if he should so wish. Oh and we also sweep out the chimney just before Christmas!

  4. Jennifer Love Says:

    Well, since my baby is only 6 weeks old, we’re gonna start the traditions this year…even though she’s too young…my mom always had special “reindeer food” that she put out on Christmas eve. It was really just birdseed and some glitter. The birds came and ate the seed and the glitter blew away or was covered by snow (I grew up in Kentucky.) Of course milk and cookies were left for Santa! Though this year, Santa might prefer a glass of red wine and some chocolate. I’ll have to check with him on that. 😉

  5. Donna Says:

    Choc. Chip cookies and milk, and carrots and water for the reindeer.

  6. Enrique Says:

    Cookies and milk, along with a thank you note. Also, we leave water for the reindeer. My daughter would just love this book.

  7. Leonie Says:

    Elves stories are my favorite stories and I like to hear about them when I am in bed. Mom and Dad will read them to me so I have nice dreams.
    Can’t wait for Santa, I have cookies for him I baked myself.

  8. Donna Says:

    Milk and cookies; carrots and water for the reindeer. My granddaughter would just love this book. I love the illustration on the cover.

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