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New Year’s Resolutions: Kids Artwork Displays

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 at 2:19 pm in Crafts.

Artwork clutter (Photo by Susan Pollard/Contra Costa Times) Ah, New Year’s resolutions … gotta love ’em. We may not actually stick to them for more than a few weeks, but for at least the month of January, our closets get cleared and our habits healthier! So we’re pondering a few classic resolutions over the next couple of weeks, looking for inspiration and new ideas that will help us stay on course. You too?

Decluttering and closet purges are one thing, but children’s artwork is in a category of its own. You can’t throw it out without feeling terribly guilty. And much as you’d love to display it, the steady flow of charming drawings, oversized science fair posters and assorted creative output is, well, overwhelming. So here are a few ideas for ways to declutter that refrigerator door, and adorn your home all at once:

1. A number of parenting experts suggest creating a rotating display by hanging a long ribbon and clothespins along a wall – our efforts were doomed by the weight of the art, though – or loft cable systems like this one from West Elm.

2. We’re also smitten by the idea of hanging a permanent collection of empty picture frames and filling them with a rotating exhibit. It takes care of the fridge overcrowding, keeps the little ones happy and looks great, especially if you use fancy pants gilt frames, or the kind of cool storage-display frames that display one piece of art, while storing 49 more.

3. has an entire gallery of ways to display children’s art, but be sure to check out the Artwork Collage , Year Long Collage and Scanned Montage. In all three cases, they’ve scanned favorite artworks and reduced their sizes, then arranged them in frames.  It’s a perfect DIY  project, infinitely adaptable, and it looks great. And once you’ve done that, you can get rid of the originals, guilt-free.

OK, your turn… how do you display and store your children’s artwork?

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One Response to “New Year’s Resolutions: Kids Artwork Displays”

  1. Mike Cadremont Says:

    What about getting an extra thick picture mount – so it’s very sturdy, and then attach some fridge magnets to each corner. The end result is that you can easily attach the little ones artwork to the mount and then use the fridge to hang the mount from.
    When the little produces their latest creation , simply keep the mount and the magnets and replace the ‘artwork’

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