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Fabulous Valentines #2: The Love Bugs

By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 at 6:25 am in Valentine.

Cupid (copyright Lexington Herald-Leader/MCT) This has to be the cutest Valentine idea ever — possibly even cuter than the night of fairies our family used to celebrate every Midsummer’s Eve, when our children were small. (More on that in a minute.) A San Diego family launched the Love Bugs tradition a few years ago after discovering that their home had two magical little creatures, who visit every winter between mid-January and Valentine’s Day. They stay at the adorable lodging 10-year-old Lexie made for them out of a bling-ed out tissue box, and they leave the family little love notes and treats, like Hershey’s Kisses. Naturally, the family writes back and leaves treats in turn.

What a wonderful way to add a little magic to the depths of winter, spread a little loving, and encourage writing at the same time. At our house, the fairies came every year on the summer solstice to cavort in the garden, sip fairy tea and flit about. Naturally, our children needed to set up that party venue for them – using flowers and leaves and tiny acorn tops or shells as cups – and leave notes. And of course, they needed to sample fairy cakes and berry tea first. They’d go to bed in a state of utter excitement. They never saw the fairies, but by morning, the garden had been festooned with ribbons and streamers, and the fairies had left a thank you note (Ah, the joys of glitter pens) and little gifts. Our kids are in their teens now, but they still talk about it. It was a dash of magic in the midst of the humdrum – and whether you prefer love bugs or fairies or elves, it’s a gift of love.

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