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Food Allergies – and Confusion – on the Rise

By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 at 11:58 am in Health & Safety.

Peanut Butter (Darrell Wong/Fresno Bee/MCT) There’s no doubt that the rate of peanut and other food allergies among kids and adults is on the rise. Today, 3-5% of the population has milk, eggs, nut or seafood allergies, according to a story in the latest New Yorker – and some allergy specialists are starting to wonder if the advice they’ve believed for so many decades is actually true. Is early exposure really the culprit? Or is it the potential cure? Take a peek at the story and prepare to get more confused…

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2 Responses to “Food Allergies – and Confusion – on the Rise”

  1. Aly Says:

    Yes it’s so true that the medical community is confusing us with one day it’s “breast feed your child as long as you can”, and then the next they say “wait, that may cause your child to have food allergies, feed them solid foods and formula early.”

    The truth is no one knows for sure what causes food allergies, and if you get a dozen parents in the room to discuss what they did and what they didn’t do, there would be a dozen different stories.

    So, bottom line is food allergies can be life threatening. We don’t want to have more and more people getting them, but the statistics are growing, even in adult onset food allergies. Hopefully with more and more being affected they will find some sort of answer soon and a cure. Until then, all we can do is be vigilant with reading labels and watching what we eat, protecting our kids and having compassion for others.

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  2. AnnB Says:

    Is that actual number of people with allergies on the rise or are we diagnosing allergies and other conditions now that we didn’t in the past? In the old days, people just accepted that some children were “sickly”. Now you get a specific diagnosis. It was a tragedy when a child died after going into “fits” but nobody investigated to discover that he had just eaten peanut butter.

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