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GNOMEO Giveaway

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, February 14th, 2011 at 5:34 pm in Movies.

Have you guys seen “Gnomeo & Juliet“? It’s the tale of the warring Montagues and Capulets,except… they’re garden gnomes.  I haven’t gone yet, but even my college kids were absolutely smitten – and as we’ve mentioned before, the trailer looks adorable.

And we’ve got a prize pack – a youth-sized T-shirt, beanie and gnome hat-shaped notebook – to get you in the mood! Just click “comments” and tell us, what other Shakespeare tale could benefit from the gnome treatment? Extra points for wit! And if you’ve seen the movie and want to share your take with the rest of us, we’d love it. (We’ll draw a winner’s name at the end of the week!)

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3 Responses to “GNOMEO Giveaway”

  1. Robin Says:

    I’d like to see them do Hamlet.

  2. Cindi Says:

    I have just started seeing the advertisements
    for this movie…It looks sweet and funny! One
    remake I would enjoy seeing is The Merry Wives
    of Windsor! It may not be a family movie, but I
    do think it could be made into a rather popular
    venue. Falstaff and his wooing of Ford and Page
    could be quite interesting…I like that this
    play takes place in Windsor, England and makes
    many compliments to the Windsor Castle. I think
    it could be made in the bawdy style of Monty
    Python comedy!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  3. Teri Stoddard Says:

    The Comedy of Errors

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