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SOFI Goes Caribbean With Asheba

Our favorite guest bloggers, Trine Gallegos and soon-to-be second grader Sofi, are back with still more CD reviews – one a winner and one … not so much. Asheba
Asheba:In the Kid Zone” is a lovely little offering. Pegged as “Caribbean music for kids,” this CD has its share of toe-tapping, booty-shaking and joyful numbers. This breaks the cookie-cutter offerings that are out there. Sofia gave it a thumbs-up. And if you like Asheba’s music, you’ll want to know this: Asheba is performing at 6 p.m. Aug. 15 at Antioch’s Prewett Park, 4701 Lone Tree Way. The concert is free. For more information, call 925-776-3070.

Mary Kaye: We tried like crazy to like this CD. We really did. Mary Kaye has a beautifully clear voice and her music is rather sweet. But, still … there was something missing. Similar in tone to the beloved Laurie Berkner, Mary Kaye’s “Music Box” just didn’t have any of Berkner’s grab-you-by-the-collar charm. Still, this wasn’t a bomb, so we’re planning to share with another friend, in hopes of it finding it a good home.

Posted on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
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SOFI Listens to Daddy-a-Go-Go

Our favorite guest bloggers, Trine Gallegos and soon-to-be second grader Sofi, are back with more CD reviews! Any Daddy-a-Go-Go fans out there?
Daddy-a-Go-GoDaddy A Go Go: When I saw that “The Best of Daddy A Go Go (Volume 1)” featured “Come On, Get Happy” (TV’s “Partridge Family” theme) and “Scooby Doo,” I thought it was going to be a bust. But, no – it turned out to be a bust a move CD instead. The simple, straight ahead tunes hook you fairly quickly. My young music expert digs “Nana Nan Boo Boo” and “A Dog Named Boomer.” And, while “Pink Floyd Saves Hugh Manatee” isn’t the best offering, it most certainly wins song title of the year. This is a good addition to your kid-music pile.

Posted on Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
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SOFI Tackles the Sippy Cups

Our favorite guest bloggers, Trine Gallegos and soon-to-be second grader Sofi, are back with some CD reviews! And if you’ve got Sippy Cups fans at home, you’ll want to read on…The Sippy Cups

The Sippy Cups: To know the Sippy Cups is to love the Sippy Cups. For a while now, folks have raved about this Bay Area kids’ band, and for good reason. Although the music is aimed at small fries, the six-member group doles out songs that groove even for grown-ups. Its aptly title “The Time Machine” is full of grand ditties that meld San Francisco’s Summer of Love with Berkeley hippie cool. But enough about what this mom thinks … my 7-year-old Sofia was hooked on this CD from the get-go, instantly loving “Seven Is the New 14″ and “My Angry Voice.” She thought “Daddy’s Lucky Charm” was charming and “so pretty.” But our family favorite is “Don’t Remove the Groove.” This is THE best freeze-dance song. It’s not only a great little dance number, but a song with a message close to our hearts – decreasing global warming. We just saw the Cups at the Chevron Family Theatre Festival in Walnut Creek, and I have three words for you: So. Much. Fun. Again, great for the kids and entertaining for the parents. My recommendation: Buy the CD, learn the tunes and then go catch this infectious band live. The band plays Mountain View on Sept. 27, and on Oct. 10, it’ll be in Pittsburg. Check for more details.

Posted on Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
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DISNEY CD Giveaway

Playhouse Disney Music Play Date Getting tired of hearing the same old tunes? Playhouse Disney just released a “Music Play Date” CD that’s got all sorts of new stuff on it — Handy Manny tunes, Mickey Mouse Club ditties and music from Bunnytoon, Tigger & Pooh and more. And it can be yours! Click “comments” and tell us, what’s your favorite Disney tune of all time? (This contest is now closed. For the current contest, click here.)

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2009
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SF Boys & Girls Choruses, Lego-style

SF Boys & Girls Choruses at Legoland
We are thoroughly charmed by this. Remember the Legoland display that recreates the entire Presidential Inauguration in Lego form? Look at the photo above. Yep, that’s Aretha Franklin with her fabulous hat, belting out “My Country Tis of Thee.” And behind them? The San Francisco Boys and Girls Choruses! Anyone can have an action figure, but it’s a rare honor to be made out of Legos.

Posted on Thursday, February 5th, 2009
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KID Music Reviews

Laurie Berkner BandLooking for some kiddy music reviews? Two of our favorite guest bloggers, Trine Gallegos and Sofia, her adorable music expert, age 6, weigh in on three, brand new CDs, starting with…
The Laurie Berkner Band: “Rocketship Run”
“Ah, Laurie, how we missed ya. It’s been six years since Berkner produced a new CD, and it appears to be dang worth the wait. We seem to be much luckier than the Guns ‘N’ Roses fans who waited for ‘Chinese Democracy,’ but I digress. As with her many other offerings, Berkner fills her CD with plenty of toe-tapping, sweet, folksy and just-plain fun tunes. Resident music critic, Sofia, especially likes the title song, along with ‘Five Days Old’ and ‘Going on a Hunt.'”
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Posted on Sunday, December 21st, 2008
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DAN ZANES’ Pre-Broadway Buzz Through SF

Dan Zanes and Friends (SF Performances)Normally, we’d save this for one of our “Fab Five for the Weekend” lists but these tickets are going to sell out much too quickly. So here’s an early “Fab One for Thanksgiving Weekend” item for you. Dan Zanes, the insanely popular kids’ entertainer, is bringing his brand new holiday-themed show to San Francisco at noon and 5 p.m. Nov. 29 and 30. And then the show is heading to Broadway.

San Francisco Performances is billing “Holiday House Party with Dan Zanes and Friends” as a 21st-century alternative to “Nutcracker.” There’s tap dancing, Arabic beats, disco Hannukah tunes, a sing-along, and even a little posada-style fiddling. And did we mention the puppets? Big, big fun. Tickets are $25-$35. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Posted on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
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"Sing a Song of Wiggles" DVDHalloween is just a few days away and already, we’re starting to fret about holiday shopping. What will delight children and not drive us insane? So with that in mind, we’re offering up a brand new Wiggles DVD, “Sing a Song of Wiggles,” because we know there are zillions of very passionate Wiggles fans out there. As for us, we’re still in recovery from a near-fatal Raffi overdose, and the doctor has us on a steady Guns N Roses diet until we stop muttering about oh-pples and buh-no-nos. But we want to know what floats your kids’ musical boat. Click “comments” and tell us about your child’s favorite music – music you like too. We’ll draw a winner’s name Sunday night! (And congrats to Megan, who won last week’s “Nightmare Before Christmas Revisited” CD!)

Posted on Monday, October 27th, 2008
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YOSHI’S Family Matinees are Back!

Tenor saxophone (Stock.xchng photos) We’re not sure if we simply whined enough, or if the management at Oakland’s premiere Jazz Club finally saw the light on their own … but Yoshi’s family matinees are back! As you jazz devotees may recall, Yoshi’s used to set aside a certain number of Sunday matinee shows for family-centric concerts — same great artists as the evening sets, but in a shorter format and with the occasional kid-friendly surprise, an impromptu on-stage vibes lesson, for example, or a little dash of Sesame Street.

Now the family matinees are back — and the fun resumes this Sunday when Mike Stern and the Yellowjackets take the stage at 2 p.m. ($5 for kids 15 and younger, $20-$24 for grown-ups) The Spanish Harlem Orchestra performs on the 17th and Maria Muldaur on the 24th. There are family matinees at the San Francisco Yoshi’s too — starting with Oliver Mtukudzi this weekend and Kenny Burrell next.

Posted on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
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KID VID Reviews: Sharks, Recess Monkeys & More

Kenny the SharkThe latest batch of kid vids and CDs landed in our inbox recently, so we called on our favorite guest blogger Trine Gallegos and her pint-sized children’s entertainment expert, Sofia, age 6, to weigh in on the big questions: what’s great and what’s merely meh on the kiddie entertainment scene? Here’s their Fab Six lowdown on sharks, moo juice and high octane lullabies :

1) Discovery Kids’ “Kenny the Shark“: This animated TV series on the Discovery Channel is about a sassy 8-foot tiger shark, who just happens to be 10-year-old Kat’s family pet. There are lessons to be learned, of course, all served in a nice little package. With titles like “Goodbye, Ol’ Chum,” you know the shows are filled with some humor. My daughter, Sofia, watched this several times in row, and gave it a thumbs-up. (Kenny’s antics are available on DVD, or check local listings for airtimes.)

2) Nickelodeon’s “Sleepytime Stories“: Take our word on this. Stick with your own lullabies. While the many episodes on this 149-minute(!) DVD are Nick’s cute standard fare (“Dora,” “Blue’s Clues,” “Wonder Pets,” etc.), there is no way these are “sleepytime stories.” Your child will be amped, not tired, after these.
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