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RECALL: 60,000 Trampolines

Recalled trampoline Paging Darth Vader! Some 60,000 of these Skywalker Trampolines have been recalled by the manufacturer and Consumer Product Safety Commission because the straps connecting the top of the enclosure to the poles don’t work. The enclosure can drop, which puts bouncy kids at risk of falling off the trampoline. The company has received 250 reports of strap failure but, fortunately, no injuries. If you’ve got one of these in your backyard, contact Skywalker Holdings for a free repair kit.

Posted on Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
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RECALL: Build-a-Bear Beach Chairs

Recalled Build-a-Bear Chair If you and your kids made stuffed toys at a Build-a-Bear Workshop anytime between 2003 and 2008, you might want to check and see if you’ve got one of these folding toy beach chairs – they’re for the bears, not for you. The Consumer Product Safety folks just recalled 260,000 of them because the chair legs can bruise, pinch and even cut little fingers. If you’ve got one, return it to any Build-a-Bear store for an $8 store voucher.

Posted on Friday, May 15th, 2009
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RECALL: Play Pens Soothe, Sway and Suffocate

Recalled Eddie Bauer Play Yard Those Eddie Bauer Soothe & Sway Play Yards are not so soothing after all. They’re dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety folks just recalled 71,000 of these $150 playpens because the rocking bassinet attachment can tilt, even when strapped into the non-rocking position, sending a baby sliding into the corner or side where he may become wedged, posing a risk of “positional asphyxiation.” In other words, he can be smothered. CPSC has received 10 reports of incidents, including six in which the babies’ faces were pressed against the side or bottom. In one case, the baby was starting to turn purple when he was, fortunately, found and revived. Follow the link for model numbers and recall info.

Posted on Thursday, May 14th, 2009
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CRIB Recall Redux

Recalled crib May we suggest that you put your baby to sleep in a dresser drawer? Or the bathtub, perhaps? OK, maybe that’s not such a good idea… but there’s been another major crib recall. Jardine Enterprises and the Consumer Product Safety folks just recalled 96,000 cribs – that’s in addition to the 320K Jardine cribs last June and the 56K in January – because the slats are so flimsy, they can break. Babies can get stuck and even strangle to death in the resulting hole. CPSC has gotten 31 reports of slats breaking, including two cases where children became trapped in the gap. In 10 cases, the slats were broken by babies or toddlers inside the crib, which means either there’s been a surge in adoptions from the planet Krypton or those slats are flimsy indeed.

Seven crib models, priced at $220-$330 and sold between 2005 and 2009, are implicated in this recall. CPSC has the model numbers and info on how to get a full refund. Looking for more info on recent baby product recalls? We’ve got that too.

Posted on Friday, May 1st, 2009
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Recalled Tupperware Maracas Not to cramp your kid’s musical style or anything, but the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Tupperware just recalled 44,000 of these Shape-O Toy Maracas (pictured). Seems they break easily, and the contents pose a choking hazard for tots. We’re also told the handle poses a “suffocation hazard” – we’re not quite sure how. In any case, if you’ve got these maracas, this link will take you to the Tupperware web page that tells you how to return them.

Posted on Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
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Perilous Pacifiers, Collapsing Cribs Recalled

Recalled Healthtex Pacifiers Sigh. Time for another round of recalls. This time, it’s 40,000 Zoo Pacifiers made by Healthtex (pictured left, $1.49 apiece) and sold in supermarkets and drugstores between 2003 and 2009. The pacifier nipples separate from the base, posing a choking hazard for babies. If you’ve got one of these, take it away from your baby and contact Healthtex for a refund.

And remember those Simplicity crib recalls? The CPSC just recalled another 25,000 “play yards” – I always called them porta-cribs, but whatever – because the rails collapse, posing a fall or entrapment hazard for babies and toddlers. Again. By our count, that makes more than 2.2 million dangerous Simplicity and SFCA products. So. Far. Simplicity went out of business after the first major recall, its buyer, SFCA, seems to have ceased day-to-day operations, according to the CPSC, but Babies R Us, Target, Kohl’s and Burlington Coat Factory can help you.

Posted on Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
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733,000 Evenflo High Chairs Recalled

Recalled highchair Yikes. Remember the big Evenflo Majestic High Chair recall a few months back? Screws and cap covers were falling off and the chair backs were spontaneously reclining or falling off altogether, sending their cherubic young customers tumbling to the floor. Well, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Evenflo just recalled another 90,000 of those, plus 643,000 of the Envision model after receiving 336 reports from families whose highchairs failed spectacularly. If you’ve got one of these, stop using it at once and follow the links for information on how to get a repair kit.

Posted on Friday, April 3rd, 2009
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INSURANCE Bears Recalled

Recalled State Farm Bear (CPSC) Oh irony of ironies… State Farm Insurance is recalling 830,000 “Good NeighBear” teddy bears because they’re life threatening. Seems those twinkly little eyes pop off, posing a choking hazard for little ones. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and State Farm have received one report of a small child putting the eyeballs in her mouth, but no one was injured. The bears were freebies, given to small children by State Farm reps at various community fairs and other events from 2005 to 2007.

P.S. We try to post the major recalls here – the ones involving hundreds of thousands of toys, or that have seriously injured children, or that have a high likelihood of being in your toy box. But if you want to hear about every recall, sign up for the CPSC’s free, e-mail alerts.

Posted on Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
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BABY Toy Recall

Recalled baby toysYou know those dangly baby toys, the ones you place over a crib or car seat to keep the sweet bebe occupied? Check those things. Give them a good tug and make sure no parts come off, because the Consumer Product Safety people just recalled 172,000 of those things. The toys in question are made by Infantino (a sample is pictured to your left, but the Lil Chef activity set and stacker toys are recalled too) and the metallic blue fabric comes off, posing a choking hazard for babies. The company has received 45 reports of the toy coming apart, but there have been no injuries. Got one? Return it to Infantino for a replacement.

Posted on Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
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RECALLED Havaianas Flip Flops

Recalled Havaianas flipflops When you hear about recalls, flip-flops aren’t exactly the first things that spring to mind, but the Consumer Product Safety folks and Havaianas just recalled 210,000 pairs of sandals because there’s lead paint on the soles. Check your kids’ closets (and your own too) for flip-flops with decorative paint – flowers, animals or prints. They were sold under 22 different names, including Baby Estampas, Kids Flores and Kids Surf, from Nov. 2006 through last month, for $15-$24 a pair. If you’ve got a suspect pair, visit the company’s Web site at or call 888-289-5306 for a replacement.

Posted on Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
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