Selig’s stature

Wrote about Bud Selig for Thursday morning’s paper, and I’ll be interested in hearing what you, the reader, thinks about it. Essentially claims that Bud Selig might be the best commissioner of all-time, and I’d be interested to hear the arguments against that. For Selig to nail down a collective bargaining agreement for another four years is one thing. To do it two months before the old agreement expired is mind-blowing. Heck, avoiding a work stoppage four years ago was a borderline miracle, and now Selig has done it twice in succession. Name another commissioner (or world leader, for that matter) who could’ve brought together two sides that had such distrust for one another.

Kills me to say it, too, because Selig is a guy who’s real easy to tease. I mean, what about him screams “distinguished leader.” And I know that his job, essentially, is to do what the owners want, individual team performance be darned. But he’s made other owners realize that to truly flourish as a league, they need to work together with the players. And he’s convinced the players that for the continued success of the league, they need to cooperate with the owners. Blows my mind to understand the skills that would go into something like that. I like to think I’ve got terrific people skills, but I can’t imagine walking into that room the first time.

As far as the steroids stain, it wouldn’t shock me at all if Selig is someday remembered fondly by fans, because at least his sheer lack of presence in front of Congress exposed to both sides that this was not something that could be hidden from the public anymore. Not sure the public even cares that baseball players are using steroids, but it’s as if they’ve said, “darn it, if those players want to use, fine, but I, the fan, have the right to know about it.” Sort of like scuffing a ball in the World Series. Does anybody really care that pitchers still try to gain an edge?

And last, on a different subject, not sure if Game 4 is as important as it normally is. The last two times the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals have met in a World Series, the Game 4 winner went on to lose.

Joe Stiglich