Time to get rolling

Well, good news to report with the first blog of the new year. I survived Treasure Island.

First some context. Fox Sports Net holds a luncheon every season to promote their coverage of the A’s and Giants. Essentially, for writers, it marks the official end of winter. There’s usually a key-note speaker _ today it was Bud Selig _ and representatives of the respective teams sometimes take good-natured shots at one another, and everybody has a nice lunch. Normally, I’d call it one of the fringe benefits of the job.

Of course, normally, you don’t have to go from 0-85 mph in about a nanosecond with cars and trucks bearing down on you. This is how one must depart Treasure Island, and it’s flat-out, bottom-line, the most nerve-racking few seconds of the year. Kudos to colleage Gary Peterson for carrying out the treacherous duty this season in conditions better suited for a Super Bowl.

Anyway, having survived Treasure Island, I’m pumped for spring training to start. A lot of intriguing stories involving the Giants that don’t involve anyone named Barry, and just as many involving the A’s, even though much of their roster returns intact.

I’ll get to some of those as the days progress. As you obviously are aware, and is becoming more and more clear to those of us in the business, the job description of a sportswriter is constantly changing. As a result, you’ll be seeing quite a bit of this blog over the next nine months (and a healthy dose of it in the next offseason, too). If you want to discuss any and all aspects of the game, this is the place to come. The Times is discontinuing the Q&A that readers used to do with writers, because those questions can just as easily be answered in this forum now. Any suggestions you, the reader, have for making this blog a normal part of your everyday reading, throw any and all suggestions to me.

In the meantime, I’ll go to sleep tonight content in the knowledge that while nothing is guaranteed for any of us, at least I don’t have to exit Treasure Island for another 12 months.