The Cactus League beckons

Heading out to Arizona on Sunday to check out some of the camps in the Cactus League, and have to admit I’ll be curious to check out the Giants. Specifically, I want to see Barry Bonds hit, because from what I’ve been reading and hearing, I have a hunch he’s getting ready for a huge year.

Reason I say this is the little give-and-take Bonds had with Matt Cain on the first day Bonds was in camp. Bonds talked trash to the young gun after Cain threw one pitch by Bonds. Two pitches later, Bonds smoked a Cain pitch over the wall. The fact that Bonds is chirping says to me that he’s feeling very good about things, and there’s no question that he’s physically sound, he can still be a force.

Also looking forward to seeing how Barry Zito is fitting in. Sounds like all is going well so far, and it seems that he and Bonds are getting along just fine. Perhaps the Giants clubhouse is even looser than it was last spring. Now, what that means once the regular-season starts you never can tell, but a pleasant environment in any endeavor is more condusive to a successful one.