Time to get rolling

Well, good news to report with the first blog of the new year. I survived Treasure Island.

First some context. Fox Sports Net holds a luncheon every season to promote their coverage of the A’s and Giants. Essentially, for writers, it marks the official end of winter. There’s usually a key-note speaker _ today it was Bud Selig _ and representatives of the respective teams sometimes take good-natured shots at one another, and everybody has a nice lunch. Normally, I’d call it one of the fringe benefits of the job.

Of course, normally, you don’t have to go from 0-85 mph in about a nanosecond with cars and trucks bearing down on you. This is how one must depart Treasure Island, and it’s flat-out, bottom-line, the most nerve-racking few seconds of the year. Kudos to colleage Gary Peterson for carrying out the treacherous duty this season in conditions better suited for a Super Bowl.

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