“Shut-up and pitch!”

OK, now Barry the New is starting to become irritating. And if you haven’t heard the latest, you will. Apparently, Barry Zito is so concerned about how the media treats Barry the Old, he is willing to blackball the media to make a statement.

In other aventues, isn’t this called extortion?

Anyway, Barry the New clearly has some good observational skills. The Giants haven’t been shy about declaring him the face of the franchise, and as Barry the Old has taught us, that brings with it the power to do whatever he pleases. But Zito’s energies are misdirected here.

It seems to me that Barry Bonds has always been able to take care of himself. I’ve dealt with both — Zito far more than Bonds — and Bonds has, on occasion, been wonderful to chat with. But 95 percent of the time, he’s a bore. He came up that way, and he’ll leave the game that way. To use the most overstated phrase in sports, it is what it is.

Zito, on the other hand, has always been professional. I wouldn’t call him a media darling, but he’s certainly not a bore. The point is, why change your basic personality to get involved in a fight that can only make him look terrible?

Friend of mine heard about this story, and his comment to me was this: “Geez! Just shuttup and pitch!”

Precisely. Barry, you’re making $126 million. You’ve got more to worry about than how the media is treating Barry Bonds.