Bracket madness is in full swing this week, and nothing says happiness like picking that 12-5 upset. Anyway, in that spirit, I’ve put together my own bracket featuring the A’s and Giants.

A few guidelines: 1) I set up the seedings so no Athletic and Giant can meet in the opening round, and so that there will be as many Athletic-Giant matches as possible. 2) Any member of the franchises since their inception is eligible. 3) The four brackets are HITTING LEGENDS, PITCHING LEGENDS, LEADERSHIP LEGENDS AND MISCELLANEOUS LEGENDS.

The four No. 1 seeds: Willie Mays, Catfish Hunter, Connie Mack and AT&T Park.

Have fun with it: Your votes and my imagination will help determine the results (and a postscript: Go Texas).

(1) Willie Mays vs. (16) Jose Canseco
(2) Rickey Henderson vs. (15) Bill Terry
(3) Barry Bonds vs. (14) Eric Chavez
(4) Jimmie Foxx vs. (13) Will Clark
(5) Mel Ott vs. (12) Al Simmons
(6) Reggie Jackson vs. (11) Jeff Kent
(7) Willie McCovey vs. (10) Jason Giambi
(8) Miguel Tejada vs. (9) Orlando Cepeda
NOTES: Hated to include Jose Canseco, but his 40-40 season triumphed anything done in an A’s uniform by Mark McGwire.

(1) Catfish Hunter vs. (16) John Montefusco
(2) Juan Marichal vs. (15) Rick Langford
(3) Lefty Grove vs. (14) Kirk Rueter
(4) Christy Mathewson vs. (13) Rube Waddell
(5) Dennis Eckersley vs. (12) Robb Nen
(6) Gaylord Perry vs. (11) Barry Zito
(7) Dave Stewart vs. (10) Mike McCormick
(8) Carl Hubbell vs. (9) Vida Blue
NOTES: Vida Blue goes in based on his work as an Athletic. Love the old-time matchup in the 4-13 contest. Rick Langford gets in based on his record 28 complete games in 1980, and John “The Count” Montefusco is in, because he’s the last Giant to pitch a no-hitter.

(1) Connie Mack vs. (16) Charlie Fox
(2) John McGraw vs. (15) Lew Wolff
(3) Billy Beane vs. (14) Dusty Baker
(4) Leo Durocher vs. (13) Dick Williams
(5) Tony La Russa vs. (12) Roger Craig
(6) Bill Rigney vs. (11) Walter A. Haas
(7) Charlie O. Finley vs. (10) Peter Magowan
(8) Brian Sabean vs. (9) Sandy Alderson
NOTES: Impressive showing by new A’s owner Lew Wolff, who in just two full seasons displaced both Bob Lurie and Steve Schott. Leo the Lip’s high seeding (No. 4) due to the fact that he remains the last Giants manager to win a World Series.

(1) AT&T Park vs. (16) Cisco Field
(2) 4 World Series Trophies (15) 3 All-Star Games
(3) Willie Mays’ Series Catch vs. (14) Jose Canseco’s Series Slam
(4) Bill King vs. (13) Russ Hodges
(5) Kruk and Kuip vs. (12) Ray Fosse
(6) Eric Chavez’s 6 Gold Gloves (11) J.T. Snow’s 6 Gold Gloves
(7) Candlestick Wind vs. (10) Mt. Davis
(8) A’s Elephant vs. (9) Lou Seal
NOTES: This, of course, assumes Cisco Field wins the “play-in” game.