La Russa’s DUI (Update)

Much of the discussion at my office, not surprisingly, has had to do with Tony La Russa’s arrest on drunken driving charges early this morning (see below) in Florida. I blogged about it earlier today, and the basic premise remains the same. He should’ve called a cab, he won’t be the last athlete/coach not to do so, he’s lucky he didn’t kill himself and he’s even luckier he didn’t kill somebody else.

The reason I’m adding an additional blog, however, is to give La Russa credit for one thing. He’s not hiding behind his mistake, or offering us lawyer-speak (which, as a lawyer, I suppose he could do). That’s a refreshing change from what we usually hear, and others in the spotlight could learn from it. Took courage, too, because the easy thing would’ve been to offer a blanket no-comment.

One final thing. The fact that La Russa was arrested should not obscure the fact that he has done many more positive things outside of baseball than he has negative ones. He’s a regular participant in the Oakland ballet, his Animal Rescue Foundation is a successful charity, and he has always represented himself and the game well. This is an unfortunate mistake, but let’s remember that folks in the public eye are humans, not robots.