More picks

Forgot to mention over the weekend that I’ve made my additional picks for 2007. In quick order here they are:

AL MVP: Grady Sizemore, Indians
NL MVP: Albert Pujols, Cardinals
AL Cy Young: Johan Santana, Twins
NL Cy Young: Carlos Zambrano, Cubs
AL Rookie of the Year: Daisuke Matsuzaka, Red Sox
NL Rookie of the Year: Homer Bailey, Reds
AL Comeback Player: Rich Harden, A’s
NL Comeback Player: Josh Hamilton, Reds
AL Breakout Player: Felix Hernandez, Mariners
NL Breakout Player: Stephen Drew, Diamondbacks
AL Flop: Gary Matthews Jr., Angels
NL Flop: Ray Durham, Giants

Nailed a couple of these choices last year, most notably picking Matt Holliday as my NL Breakout Player. Also whiffed on a couple. I’m still not showing my face after predicting Chan Ho Park as the NL Comeback Player.