So much for perfection

Well, Travis Buck got his welcome to the majors. Felix Hernandez sent him to the dugout — good morning, good afternoon, good night — to start the top of the third. So much for hitting 1.000.

Buck is wearing No. 6, which as A’s commentator Ray Fosse mentioned, is the same one that was worn by Sal Bando during the early 70’s A’s dynasty. Not a bad guy to try to emulate.

I anticipate Buck will struggle early. The hurlers flip a switch on Opening Day, and commence with actual pitching. During the spring, they work on refining their stuff and don’t give much thought to what to throw in what count, etc. Now that they will, Buck’s going to get a swift education.

Still, it will be good for him to be here and be exposed to the majors. And just so I’m not mistaken, I don’t think he’ll be a complete flop. He’ll have his moments.

Meantime, Felix Hernandez just whiffed Mark Ellis for strikout No. 5 through the first five innings. So as Buck knows, no shame in starting a career by striking out against King Felix.