It’s over

Barry Bonds just lifted a deep but lazy fly ball to left field and Jose Cruz Jr., hauled it in a couple of steps onto the warning track. And with that, the sound of car keys being pulled from their pockets could be he heard throughout the stadium. A mass exodus was underway, and why not? Three Giants outs later, San Diego had a 7-0 rout on Opening Day, and the whole place has the look and feel of your kitchen the night after you’ve thrown a party.

Here’s what the Giants have shown us on Opening Day:

— Barry Zito showing us both Barry the Good (32 pitches through three and only one run allowed), and Barry the Bad (36 pitches, three runs in the fourth).

— A bullpen that leaves a lot to be desired. Kevin Correia, Jonathan Sanchez and Vinny Chulk all took turns making San Diego look like the most potent lineup in baseball. Sanchez and Chulk even hurled balls to the backstop.

— Barry Bonds singled, walked, grounded out, flew out, stole a base and was thrown out at home plate on an ill-advised attempt to score on an errant throw. In all, he stood on his feet a lot. Can’t be great for the knees.

So there it is. The A’s and Giants are dead even after a game, each team looking for its first run.