Nice touch

Time for some honesty. As an objective observer of two organizations, I’d argue that the A’s operate their ship infinitely better than do the Giants. They certainly get more bang for their buck, and while you can argue they should spend more money, the truth is that they are operated like a business, and the bottom line shows they are a very successful one.

That said, the Giants own the A’s when it comes to honoring their past. The Giants held a lengthy pregame ceremony before the home opener today, introducing their former All-Stars from San Francisco past. Everybody from a who’s-who list of Willie Mays, Willie McCovey and Juan Marichal to a “Oh, yeah, him,” group of Ed Whitson, Greg Minton and Darrell Evans.

One thing that stood out: Will Clark’s belt line. It’s considerably smaller than it looked several months ago, but it still gives Kevin Mitchell a run for its money. They superimposed a picture of The Thrill in his prime on the big-screen scoreboard, and it was a reminder that few things in this game were as sweet as seeing Will at war with the pitcher.

Atlee Hammaker was also introduced. He still looks young enough to take the hill. Fortunately, Giants fans, that won’t be happening anytime soon.