Bonds and Aaron

Seems kind of silly to blog about sports this morning. Stayed up deep into the night Monday catching up on the coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre, the kind of event that makes you wonder if there’s any hope for mankind and one, unfortunately, that is happening all too often.

But of course, life goes on elsewhere, and wouldn’t you know it, Barry Bonds is in the news. Last night in Colorado, Bonds blamed the media for trying to stoke the feud between him and Hank Aaron. Nothing Bonds says should surprise anybody anymore. He’s in such an isolated place relative to the rest of us that I’d like to ask him someday what color the sky is in his world.

For the record, the media has nothing to do with this issue. Aaron, the home-run king, made it known last week that he will not be in attendance if and when Bonds breaks his record. That is news. So, too, is Bonds’ reaction to it. Poor example, but it’s the equivalent of a Nobel Prize fwinner from three decades ago giving tacit disapproval for the way the current Nobel Prize winner achieved his honor.

The bottom line with Bonds is that he’s already a great loser in this race, even if he does wind up with the record (and at this point, there’s no reason to think he won’t). Hank Aaron was on hand to throw out the first pitch (along with Frank Robinson) on Jackie Robinson Day at Dodger Stadium on Sunday night, the kind of assignment given only to the game’s great luminaries. Bonds deserves to be seen as such, but given how MLB and its luminaries (i.e. Aaron) are giving him the cold shoulder, it’s impossible to imagine that he will.

And, of course, when that happens, No. 25 will blame it on the media.


  • Judy Brown

    I am a Braves fan so my thoughts on Barry Bonds may not be wanted but thought I would express them anyway since I love the game of baseball, too.
    I don’t think Barry can be compared to Arron anymore, do you ? And, I don’t like saying that about a ball player that has spent his adult life in the game but Barry didn’t play the game the way the rest of the guys did.