Monday rundown

Late blog entry this afternoon (the wonders of travel). But, better late than never, some observations of the past week:

— It appears the Giants might not be nearly as hideous as they made us anticipate. But just as we shouldn’t have been too quick to bury them after a 2-7 start, let’s not anoint them world-beaters after a 5-0 homestand. Bottom line: The Giants will get very good starting pitching on a lot of nights. But their bullpen and offense remain liabilities. Therefore, there will be stretches in which the Giants surge, and other stretches in which they sag.

Rich Harden and Milton Bradley have gone on the disabled list for the A’s. I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked! Starting to wonder if we ever will see Harden make 30 starts. No need to wonder anymore if Bradley can stay healthy for an entire season. The good news for the A’s is that this is a mediocre division and no team seems capable of taking off. The better news is that these injuries seem to be short-term issues (at the moment).

Guess all of New England can relax (or, for what passes for it out there) now that the Red Sox swept the Yankees. The whole Yankees-Red Sox hysteria is really overblown. Both teams are rich. Both are obnoxious. Can’t we just put them in their own division and let them play 162 games against each other. The rest of the baseball world could start paying attention in September.

— When it comes to matter of the Yankees, the Red Sox no longer need to be green with envy. Now let’s hope they never find the need to be green, period. The green uniforms they wore in salute to Boston Celtics legend Red Auerbach were hideous.

George Steinbrenner must be getting ready to blow his top.

The Big Hurt is off to another slow start (A’s fans can relate), and he was dropped out of the cleanup slot in the Jays’ lineup. And on a related note, Frank Thomas’ replacement in Oakland, Mike Piazza, isn’t tearing the cover off the ball, either.

— Best story of the early season: Cincinnati’s Josh Hamilton.

— Most overblown story of the early season: The slow starts by Albert Pujols and Gary Sheffield. Both will be fine come September.