So long Brad

Don’t know if you got a chance to read the comments made by Brad Halsey over the weekend, but if not, give it a read. It’ll provide some amusement.

Halsey, a fringe pitcher who will someday be most remembered for giving up Barry Bonds’ 714th home run, wants everyone to know that the A’s are a “mom-and-pop organization.” He’s angry that he pitched through arm pain in spring training and in early April, then was by-passed by the A’s when they needed a starter to take Rich Harden’s place in the rotation. Says he got “f—–,” because by taking a start in the majors, then having to go on the disabled list, he’d have to paid major-league money. Said that was one of the reasons the A’s recalled prospect Dallas Braden and not him.

Can’t say I disagree with any of what he says. The A’s are a mom-and-pop organization, they do watch their nickels and dimes very closely, and they take financial impact into account whenever they make a decision. Been that way for years, and I doubt Billy Beane would deny it.

But —- and here’s the most important point — he’s BRAD HALSEY!! And the other guy is BILLY BEANE!

Anyway, Halsey has done a wonderful job solidifying his standing as one of the most idiotic players ever. He’s clearly trying to get himself traded, but Beane is far too shrewd a general manager to give Halsey away for nothing. And by admitting that he’s hurt, Halsey just lowered his own trade value; thus, making the likelihood that Beane will be able to move him all the less likely. Have fine hanging in the minors, Brad.

Oh, and by the way mom-and-pop shops were once commonplace in our country, and it was a far friendlier and less violent place when they were.