Barry’s bashing again

Three-plus weeks into 2007, and it’s clear (no pun intended). Barry Bonds has found the fountain of youth. As to where he discovered it, we’ll let you reach your own conclusions.

Bonds went deep again on Wednesday, leading the Giants to their seventh straight win in the process. He’s 14 shy of Hank Aaron now. And at his current pace, Bonds will need only six more weeks to catch and surpass him.

That’s quite the interesting time-table. In five weeks, the Giants will be moving through New York and Philadelphia, and you can only imagine the reception he’ll receive from those adoring fans. After that, the Giants go to Arizona, before coming home to play the Bay to face the A’s. So Bonds, conceivably could tie Aaron (or even surpass him) against the same team
he faced while tying Ruth last season.

Who knows, maybe the A’s could call up pitcher Brad Halsey to serve up the honors. Halsey served up No. 714 and given his stature in the A’s organization after his critical remarks in another paper last weekend, can’t think of a better man for the job.

By the way, don’t get carried away with the Giants’ hot streak. No team goes through a season without one. The Giants have been impressive while winning seven straight, and their starting pitching is silly good. But until I see the Giants pound pitchers consistently for three or four weeks, I’ll hold to my argument that its not nearly good enough for the Giants to hang with the Dodgers.