The W’s

Great scene out at The Big Phone last night, and it had nothing to do with that epic pitching duel between the Giants’ Russ Ortiz and Colorado’s Taylor Bucholz (6 2/3 innings combined, 14 earned runs).

Sometime around the fifth inning, I looked out at the pressbox, and it seemed like much of the announced attendance of 33,210 (it appeared even smaller than that) had left. Turned out most of the fans were in the concourses watching the Warriors erase the last traces of a 21-point deficit in Game 5 of their playoff series with Dallas and surge to a nine-point lead with about three minutes to go. Thus, periodic roars filtered through the park.

However, right about the time the Giants were showing Baron Davis’ lean-in 3-pointer on the High-Def scoreboard (great addition by the way), the Warriors had watched that lead slip away. So the folks who stayed to watch baseball were awash in glee, even as a collective groan permeated from the concourse.

By the time the Warriors game ended, the bad news had spread like wildfire among the folks still in their seats. And then, the funniest sight of all, appeared, as fans from the concourse returned to their seats in mass during the seventh-inning stretch. Betcha Dodger Stadium has never seen anything like that.

Incidentally, don’t anticipate that the Giants will yank Ortiz from the rotation because of one bad start. Manager Bruce Bochy seems to be a man of patience, and Ortiz has already given the Giants more than what most of us expected at the start of spring training. He deserves at least three more starts to show that what happened Monday wasn’t a sign that he’s returning to the bad days of 2006.

As for the W’s, you’d hate to think they’ll have their final-quarter meltdown to think about all summer.