Curt the Jerk

It takes quite an effort to cast Barry Bonds in a sympathetic light, but lo and behold, Curt Schilling has done it. Bonds woke up Wednesday morning 10 home runs away from Hank Aaron, but all we’re hearing about are the obnoxious comments Schilling made.

Let’s get one thing at on the table before actually addressing what was said. Schilling is a jerk. He may not treat people as rudely as consistently as Bonds does, but believe me, I’ve seen the guy be an absolute bore. He also is wonderful at sticking his nose in business where it doesn’t belong, and the list of teammates he’s alienated is too lengthy to count.

I can tell you, too, that his act has worn thin on Red Sox Nation. Red Sox fan will remain ever grateful that Schilling helped them win the World Series in 2004, but don’t think for a moment that they’d like to tape his mouth shut. That probably goes for teammates, too, because whenever Schilling speaks, distractions seem sure to follow.

His latest comments are even more annoying than usual, because what he said wasn’t even true. Last I checked, Barry Bonds never has admitted to using steroids (flaxseed oil, yes). Nor has he admitted to cheating on his taxes (who in their right mind would admit that?). Nor has he admitted to cheating on his wife (obviously, he did, but that doesn’t exactly make him unique in professional sports circles).

In other words, Schilling basically slandered the man. This might be of some interest to him since a) he now fancies himself a responsible member of the blogging community and b) he ripped the general lack of responsibility among the media when the authenticity of his bloody sock was questioned a couple of weeks ago.

I realize that all Schilling did was answer a question posed to him, and kudos for his honesty. He also apologized on his blog this morning, but as he might tell the media in a similar situation, “the damage can’t be undone.” The moral of the story is that he needs to lose his holier-than-thouh mentality, because it’s that very quality that makes most people he encounters want to puke.