Barry bad

Had a family dinner at my mother’s last night, and no sooner had I walked in the door than I was greeted with, “Don’t you just love what happened to Zito?”

Full disclosure here. My mother is an East Coast transplant and adopted the A’s as her team when she moved out here in 1969. She has grown a bit disgusted with the modern game, with all the big money contracts, etc., and I think the constant migration of former A’s players to other teams has left her sour.

That said, I don’t get the whole, “Barry deserved it,” attitude that came out of Friday. The A’s made it perfectly clear they couldn’t afford (or wouldn’t choose) to sign him, and he shouldn’t have to apologize because the Giants chose to overpay him and give him $126 million over seven years.

Now, I will also say this. Getting $126 million means you better be pretty darned good in big games. It’s the neighborhood expectations when you get that kind of money. And for the most part, Zito stinks in big games. It was documented by columnist Cam Inman on Saturday morning, so there’s no use rehashing it. So if you choose to laugh at Zito, or jeer him, because he’s fallen on his face in another big game.

But rooting against him simply because he left the A’s and took all that money for the Giants is wholly unfair. There’s not a one of us out there who wouldn’t have done the same thing.

On a related note, by the way, is there anyone out there who would rather have Zito over Dan Haren these days?


  • Zerkmxl

    I’m an A’s fan and I wished he would have stayed with the A’s, but for obvious reasons that wasn’t meant to be. I would have been happier had he gone to any other National league team, but that team signed oh well, great for Zito. I was happy for him until he started saying he looked better in orange and black and other comments along the same vein. Oh well, no more cheers from me.

  • I still root for all three of the Aces, I still root for Harang. It doesn’t matter to me that he signed with the Giants, just proved how out of touch the Giants really are. I know lost of teams would have liked to have Zito, but no one else was stupid enough to pay three or four times what he’s worth. But they’re getting exactly what they should have expected. Flashes of brilliance followed by a few games of why his ERA is usually around 4.5 by the end of the year. But he does make all his starts, though sometimes you’d wish he didn’t.
    Good Luck to Zito, and just a reminder to the Giants, two Barry’s isn’t always the answer.