The B&B Boys

Nice rebound by Barry Zito on Wednesday night. This was the guy the Giants envisioned when they gave him that huge contract — anybody out there not know its $126 million over seven years? — and my guess is they’ll see it 10-12 times in his 30-plus starts. He’ll also be the awful Barry (see his start vs. the A’s) about a half-dozen times, too. The majority of the time, he’ll be in between, and he’ll finish with 13-15 wins. I’ve been predicting that since the signing, and I’m not about to stop now.

But let me ask you this: How ’bout the catcher to whom Zito was throwing? Bengie Molina may well be the team’s MVP at this point. He had a couple of huge hits again, and he’s hitting over .500 with runners in scoring position and two outs. He also has proven to be superb behind the plate, and a conversation he had with Zito on Sunday obviously had an impact.

Having covered the A’s for three seasons, I remember how members of that team used to rave about Molina when Molina was a member of the Angels. One pitcher told me privately once that Molina was the guy he least wanted to see at the plate in a big moment. He’s showing why on a regular basis with the Giants.

It was great to see him (or in my case, hear him; my 5-year-old son has the run of the TV these days) go home-to-third last night, too. Lets every slow, broken-down, beer-league softballer fantasize about hitting a triple in the bigs.