No TV??

Maybe this makes me old-fashioned, but I don’t subscribe to the theory that more is better. Therefore, I’ve never been big the whole notion of getting baseball’s Extra Innings package or having access to just about every game that’s broadcast per night. Life’s too short, and there are far too many other things than to have life determined by what game is on the tube that night.

That said, I find it just a bit ludicrous that in this day and age, you can wake up on a Sunday morning, flip the channels looking for a game on regular cable, and can’t find one. The A’s and the Orioles wrapped up a three-game series in Baltimore, but neither Fox Sports Net nor KICU deemed it worthy to broadcast. Not exactly sure the dynamics of this whole thing, nor am I interested. The bottom line is that a Sunday morning game featuring a local team on the road ought to be available for viewing somewhere without having to pay an arm and leg for some sort of “package.”

The good thing is that I was able to turn it on the radio. DOH! Check that. The A’s new FM station (106.9) seems to peter out right around the Pleasant Hill/Martinez border, which leaves me out of luck. So the choice I was left with watching or listening to the game on the Internet (that’ll be how my kid watches a game, but sorry, not me). You can always click on those “play-by-play” links on any number of Internet sights, but that ain’t exactly the same as having a clicker in your hand.

Anybody else find something wrong this picture, and have I simply become too old-fashioned?

(By the way, the Giants are on the tele today, but I’ve seen enough Giants-Rockies face-off’s — hockey term — to last me all season).


  • Agreed. Wanted to watch the game too on TV, but like you, I just cant sit at my Computer watching it or waiting for the screen to update. That method works at work but not at home. Question, now that the A’s have fallen a season long 6 games out of 1st place, is it not time to bench the slumping Kendall in favor of the bigger bat in Melhuse? I am in favor of this change until it helps us make up ground on Anaheim.