The Bay Bridge finale

Got out here early this morning for the season finale of the Bay Bridge series, and have to say, there are fewer things more peaceful than looking out over the Big Phone on a quiet morning. At any rate, I fully expect the A’s to complete a sweep today, even though the pitching match-up _ Lenny DiNardo vs. Matt Cain _ would seem to favor the Giants. But the San Franciscans are showing as much life as my backyard lawn these days.

Which, as one of my colleagues just brought up, should not be causing all that much fuss, because isn’t this what we expected from the Giants back in February? Barry Bonds gave us a nice diversion for the first month of the season, but he’s clearly wearing down physically (just check out his HR and RBI pace). And when he doesn’t hit, the Giants don’t score. And when teams don’t score, they look terrible. So it is with the Giants.

Look, as I blogged earlier, their eight-game winning streak early on this season was a mirage, just as their 2-7 start was not real indicative earlier.
I may have missed the boat on the latter assessment. Since the eight-game winning streak ended, manager Bruce Bochy’s club is 16-23. Simply put, this is going to be a long summer.

On the other side, interesting to see the quotes from Bobby Crosby regarding Dan Haren. Led me to wonder about other sensational first halves in A’s history. Vida Blue immediately jumps to mind with his 17-win first half in 1971 (he was a rookie that year). Dave Stewart had a phenomenal first-half run in 1988 that started with eight wins in his first eight starts. Haren’s current run, in my opinion, doesn’t quite measure up to those, but it’s awfully close. Unless he completely falls on his face in his next five starts, how does he not get the ball for the All-Star Game?