Hail to San Ramon Valley

Cool moment out here at The Big Phone. Nate Schierholtz, the pride of San Ramon Valley High School (well, one of them), just rolled a “groundball with eyes” into right field for his first major-league hit, and received a very nice ovation from the modest crowd. He’ll always remember that it came against A.J. Burnett.

Schierholtz’s presence in the Giants’ lineup raises an interesting question, because he was a last-minute replacement Randy Winn (strained rib cage), who also is a product of SRV. Have there been any other products from the same high school as members of the same major-league roster at the same time?

Can’t imagine there’ve been many, if any at all. The closest thing I can think of off the top of my head are the Encinal High School tandem of Jimmy Rollins and Dontrelle Willis, but of course, they aren’t teammates. Rickey Henderson and Dave Stewart were teammates, but each went to separate high schools, Henderson to Oakland Tech and Stewart to St. Elizabeth.

Safe to say Rick Steen, the longtime SRV coach, deserves mention in any discussion of the best Bay ARea baseball coaches ever.


  • WJD

    I believe Eric Davis and Darryl Strawberry were high school teammates AND MLB teammates when they both played for the LA Dodgers, but I may be mistaken.

  • RP

    The name of the SRV coach is Rick Steen.

  • Brain lock on my part. Andy Steen was a coach I’d covered earlier in my career. Sorry about that Rick. Note the correction.

  • Bryan

    I have to disagree about Rick Steen being a great coach. I went to SRV in the early 90’s did not try out for frshman baseball. I did try out for JV and Varisty and was cut both time by the great Rick Steen. Funny thing was that I made the All Star team in league baseball and had great tryouts both years. What I discovered was that Steen would not take anyone on JV that didn’t play freshmen and nobody made varsity unless they played JV. He also cut several players who tried out in order to save spots for returning players. But when several returning players did not want to play or quit, he simply played with a short roster rather than giving people he had cut the opportunitiy of being on the team. I played with Randy winn and I can tell you that he became a Major League level player after high school and Coach Steen had nothing to do with it. Coach Steen just happened to have those guys fall into his lap and knowing him, he probably debated cutting both of them.

  • Kyle

    I must agree with Bryan that Steen deserves no mention as one of the best baseball coaches in the area. Danville has the baseball stars, as the town community should be praised for its athletes and youth coaches. Steen just happened to be coaching during these guy’s tenures at SRV. It had nothing to do with his coaching ability – or lack there of. I played with Schierholtz for years, and his abilities far exceeded anyone else on the diamond. Regardless what school these guys went to, they would still be where they are today.