Street sense

No surprise to read this morning that A’s closer Huston Street has suffered a setback with his ailing right elbow. Street, who has been on the disabled list since May 14 with irritation in his right ulnar (elbow) nerve, felt pain during his last throwing session and has been shut down. He’ll seek additional opinions on the elbow.

It figures. In my experience watching and covering ball, elbow pain has been the trickiest thing for trainers to deal with. The layman’s explanation: Something causes irritation in the nerve that causes the area to swell. Thus, the pain. Then, when the activity in the area stops for a while, the swelling goes down, and the pain subsides. Then activity, such as throwing, causes the whole process to start over again.

At this point, the A’s need to find what is causing the source of the pain, and considering that inactivity and anti-inflammatories haven’t stopped the problem, the guess here is that something structural that hasn’t been discovered yet is going on in there. Again, just a guess, and I’m not a doctor.

The long and short of it is this: Don’t anticipate seeing Street on the mound for a long time (if at all) this season.