No ordinary Joe

I’m telling you, Joe Blanton is just like Bob Welch. Can’t tell you how many times I’d watch Welch back in the late 1980s and early ’90s and think to myself in the early innings, “He’s in real trouble tonight.” Same thing with Blanton in the A’s win last night at Houston. But like Welch, Blanton got enough big outs early (including a huge double play in the fifth) to stabilize, ended up getting through seven and had himself a very nice line, and a victory at the end of the night.

By the way, who had Jason Kendall in the home run pool?

The real news for the A’s, as mentioned in this notebook, were the contract extensions given to general manager Billy Beane and Mike Crowley. Absoultely no surprise to see that happen, and all it means is that the A’s will be run very similarly if and when they get their new ballpark in Fremont. The A’s have will have more cash if Cisco Field becomes a reality, but they’ll never wield huge cash. With Beane in charge, it shouldn’t matter.

Meantime, a tip of the hat to Giants catcher Guillermo Rodriguez, who had himself a very good day after waiting 11 years to get the chance in the majors. That was about the only bright spot for the Giants.

I was surprised to hear on talk-show radio last night just how many Giants fans think Barry Bonds should determine his Giants future. Many of them preceded their comments with, “I’m also a 49ers fan.” I got news for you. Bill Walsh would’ve cut Bonds loose years ago. No question about it.

I’m heading out on a vacation, so no blog until next Tuesday morning. Try not to overheat.