Road to Nowhere

I’ve seen enough. You’ve seen enough. The Giants have to have seen enough, haven’t they?

I was on vacation all weekend, so I wasn’t able to follow closely the happenings in Boston over the weekend, other than to see that Barry Zito was once again terrible in a “big game,” and Matt Cain got no run support again. Now, after a fifth straight loss, this one to Milwaukee, can the Giants really consider anything other than a wholesale selling of the parts come the trade deadline?

Let’s face it, this team is going nowhere (well, except maybe for 90 losses, if not 95). So the goal now is to fix this club as much as possible with an eye toward 2008 and beyond. If I’m Brian Sabean, I’m trying to find takers for Ray Durham, Randy Winn, Pedro Feliz, Dave Roberts, and perhaps even Matt Morris (and updating my resume as we speak). Only Feliz and Morris would figure to bring great value, but you have to start the rebuilding plan somewhere; otherwise you turn into the Orioles.

Should be very interesting to see where Barry Bonds plays into all this. I would be stunned if owner Peter Magowan and president Larry Baer explored the possibility of moving Bonds, and besides, Bonds would have to waive his blanket no-trade clause (which he has as a 10-and-5 guy). The way Bonds is going, he will not tie Henry Aaron before the July 31 trade deadline, so that’s an issue to consider, too. Bonds talks all the time about playing the game to get to the World Series, and he won’t be getting there with the Giants. And frankly, it looks like he’s lost interest in everything except trying to hit home runs. So maybe now is the time to broach an amicable divorce.

Should be interesting viewing over the next six weeks. Far more interesting than watching this team play.


  • Bryan Grimm

    It was easy to move from the Bay Arean to Indiana and away from my beloved Giants when I realized the Giants ownership cared more about continuing the pursuit of home run records and less about winning a championship. But at the end of last season, they stated Barry would no longer be the focal point of the organization and I thought maybe there is hope. But instead of releaseing the aging malcontent and starting the rebuilding process this year, they re-signed him to another year and look where we are. Then I guess they thought since they can’t put fans in the seats buy acquiring a number one starter, the thought they would pay Barry Zito the money of a number one starter and nobody would know the difference. The fact is the Giants ownership and Brian Sabean have one of the oldest teams in the league and instead of doing something about it, they made matter worse this season and for the immediate future. Perhaps next year they will sign Willie McCovey to a one year deal.