No More Milton Bradley

The A’s finally reached their breaking point with Milton Bradley, and gave him the boot this morning.

Wish I could say I told you so, but that’s not the case. Believe it or not, I thought Bradley would have a big season. He looked fantastic during the week I saw him during the spring, and my observations were corrobarated by media members who were watching him every day.

But it turned out to be a mirage. Two weeks into the season, Bradley’s old injury pattern returned. He eventually went on the disabled list three times for a variety of ailments, and when he had a mini-blowup when the A’s didn’t activate him Tuesday night, he may have sealed his doom. He also was seen throwing chairs and have a temper tantrum after Wednesday’s win, perhaps because he’d already received the news.

The A’s will have a conference call this afternoon to explain their actions, but if I had to guess, it had more to do with the glut of outfielders and Bradley’s lack of reliability than it did his presence in the clubhouse. Travis Buck has emerged as a very potent player, and the A’s don’t want to lose Jack Cust. Shannon Stewart is a pro’s pro, and Mark Kotsay and Nick Swisher aren’t going anywhere.

Thus, the choice probably had to be Bradley. His injury-plagued past and attitude probably made it a whole lot easier.


  • Andrew

    Wow. Kind of a shocker. I liked the fire that Milton brought to the team. His injuries notwithstanding, he was one of the most talented folks on the A’s. I understand that Beane needs to do what’s best for the team, but Milton was great when he was on the field.

  • muscatel

    Between not having been immediately activated and BB’s unscheduled flight up to Oakland from San Diego, it wouldn’t have taken rocket science for MB to figure that he’d drawn the short straw in the outfield. I can’t bash the guy for the last two days… how well would most of us handle developments that suggested we were about to be laid off?

  • larry hamilton

    Blame Billy Beane for keeping this nut. We had a nice player in J Payton and let him go and kept Bradley.