Sabes: Don’t take the bait

Did you happen to notice the bait that San Diego Padres general manager Kevin Towers dangled in front of Giants general manager Brian Sabean on Monday night? Towers, in his infinite wisdom (or slyness) opined that the Giants have a winning streak in them and that they should be buyers, not sellers at the July 31 trade deadline.

Gosh, let’s hope Sabean, managing partner Peter Magowan and team president Larry Baer don’t bite. Towers obviously hasn’t been watching the Giants as much as we have. Otherwise, he’d realize the one thing the Giants have established this season is that they aren’t capable of putting together two months of excellent play, which is what it will take, at minimum, to overtake four teams in the NL West. And they are more than a trade or two away from curing what ails them.

I don’t know Towers, and I don’t have any reason to think he doesn’t believe what he says. But who’s to say he’s not casting a net for Sabean, daring his fellow NL West GM to make a move which will further weaken a division rival? Sabean doesn’t seem the type to back down from a dare, but in this case, doing just that would be best for his franchise.

I mean, let’s just picture Sabean trading a couple more relievers — say Kevin Correia and Jonathan Sanchez — because he mistakingly believes one hitter will bolster the Giants enough to let them make a run. Then, let’s picture Correia with about 20 saves and a sub-2.00 ERA next year while the Giants find themselves in the same mess they’re in this season.

Essentially, this is the danger that looms right now. The Diamondbacks, Padres and Dodgers are going to make the NL West a three-horse race, and the Rockies aren’t slouches anymore, either. It behooves the Giants to recognize what they are these days, and what they need to do to repair it.

Step One: Don’t take Towers’ bait.