The A’s are plummeting

Killer loss for the A’s in Cleveland tonight. One out from victory with a two-run lead in the ninth, Alan Embree couldn’t close the deal. The Indians scored five against him, all with two outs, a rally capped by Kelly Shoppach’s pinch-hit three-run home run that brought the A’s home an 8-5 loser.

Listened to the game on the radio while in my car, and announcer Ken Korach told his audience, “shocking events here in Cleveland.” I love Ken, but sorry, not really. The shocking part, really, is that the A’s have stayed afloat as long as they have. Given their injuries, it’s amazing they weren’t buried in the respective races (AL West and wild-card) in May. As it stands, they’re still in shouting distance in the wild-card, but the final two games in Cleveland are critical.

Seeing a quick turnaround might be an optimistic outlook. The A’s are fading, because among other things: Lenny DiNardo and Joe Kennedy have turned into Lenny DiNardo and Joe Kennedy; the Chad Gaudin magic show has hit a snag; Alan Embree has become Alan Embree (remember, he had only eight saves ever before this season; don’t expect him to be the incarnate of Huston Street); the offense has returned to its normal lull (the A’s scored five runs in the first four days of this trip), the they’ve faced far superior competition on this trip.

Five games to go on it. Two vs. the Indians, two vs. the Yankees. Felt the A’s would be thrilled with 5-5 before it started. Now? Hey, just avoid 0-10.


  • T-Bone

    I turned the game on in the 9th and the A’s had two more outs to go to close out a 5-3 victory. I thought to myself if they blow this game it could ruin their season. The A’s are a young team that rely on the energy of eachother to pull through. I really hope this loss doesn’t burst their energy….I know it burst mine. Let’s all hope for another second half of typical A’s baseball and get into the playoffs again!

  • PhilB

    As good as the A’s pitching have been over the years this team stinks offensively. Letting Frank Thomas walk and cutting Milton Bradley is both unfathomable and unconsciousnable. Frank could be carrying the team like he did at this time last year with Milton Bradley outplaying everyone not named Mark Kotsay in the outfield. Good luck Billy trying to win with Mike Piazza as your DH and the Snelling/Kielty/Stewart/Buck platoon in the outfield.

  • Jan Koski

    Wow! The A’s scored 9 runs in the 1st two innings of tonight’s game. Here’s to showing really character! What a difference a day makes! Are you guys really A’s fans who complain about a 4 game losing streak? Would you prefer to trade places with Royal or Pirates fans who have seen consecutive losing seasons for who-knows-when? I know Beane does things that leaves big questions for the present time, but when has he failed us for the long-term? How many winning seasons has he brought to Oakland? Would you prefer to watch bottom-dwellers? Move to KC or Pittsburgh, then!