Pure Cain

Great stat brought up by the Merc’s Andy Baggarly in his Giants game coverage today. The Giants are 2-14 in Matt Cain’s 16 starts, and if they had won just half of those, they’d be a 39-38 club right now. As it is, the last-place team continues to search for answers as to why they can’t score runs for Cain.

If there was ever a time when you might excuse a player for having an Armando Benitez moment — “I did my job,” — this would be it. But Cain told reporters yesterday that he thinks the lack of support and the tight games that have resulted, will actually make him a better pitcher in the long run. He’s right, of course, but for a kid to be mature enough to realize that at 22 is unusual. That’s why Cain should be penciled in as the horse of this staff for years to come.

As for this season, you’d expect the worm to turn at some point. It always does. When it does, Cain will rattle off five or six in a row. The sooner the better, because the kid continues to do everything right on the mound and off it.