Sabean contract extension

Just got word from the Giants that the team has extended Brian Sabean’s contract for two more seasons, with a club option 2010. Virtually no other details at this point, but the team will have a conference call at 1 p.m., and I’ll disseminate some information then.

Immediate reaction is that this only works if A) Sabean has more autonomy B) the Giants cut ties with Barry Bonds and allow Sabean to build a team in his vision and C) Sabean is given time to rebuild the farm system. Not sure all three of those things will take place, and honestly, if they don’t, then we won’t get a clear vision of Sabean as a GM. When he was left alone a decade ago, he rebuilt a decripid team and laid the foundation for the most successful period in SF history. It’s only recently, during the “Build Around Bonds” era dictated by Sabean’s bosses, Peter Magowan and Larry Baer, that he has struggled.

Anyway, Giants fans, this is the architect of your team until at least 2009. Are you happy about this?