The Bobby Crosy dilemma

Very good column by Tim Kawakami in the San Jose Mercury News this morning regarding A’s shortstop Bobby Crosby. Essentially, it says that Crosby must produce for the A’s to win, because there are no other shortstops in the pipeline. Thus, he reasons, the relief associated with Crosby’s effort in the A’s 6-0 win over Texas that snapped a nine-game losing streak.

I had a long chat with Billy Beane on Tuesday about many subjects, including Crosby. He remains adamant that Crosby is a special talent, and that “when it clicks for him, it’s going to click big.” But even Beane acknowledged that the team can’t wait forever for it to happen.

Thus, the dilemma. How long to the A’s give Crosby to show that he indeed is more J.J. Hardy than Angel Berroa. Obviously, Crosby gets the rest of this season to prove that there’s more to him than has met the eye to this point, and that’s fair. Don’t forget, Crosby missed almost half a season and got a late start in spring training because of a misdiagnosed back injury.

The fact that there aren’t any shortstops knocking on the door also likely ensures that Crosby will hold down the spot next year, too. But eventually, whatever Beane expects to click has to do so, because the A’s have too much invested in Crosby being successful to ignore alternatives if he continues to show that a) he appears to be a .250 hitter at best b) his power is questionable and c) he strikes out too much and is far too vulnerable to the breaking pitch.

But for one day, those issues were put to rest. Crosby had a huge day, and the A’s finally get to sleep on a win.