A bunch of short hops

Apologize for having been a bit erratic with the blog this week. The Bonds Watch has put me behind the 8-ball with respect to a lot of my other daily activities, so figured I get caught up with a few items today.

Tough break for Bobby Crosby and the A’s. Makes it even more difficult for the A’s to evaluate him going forward (though their lack of a top-notch shortstop prospect buys them time), and prevents Crosby from putting into effect whatever it was he said he figured out at the plate recently. Can’t knock him for being fragile for this injury though. Broken hands via hit-by-pitches are a hazardous part of the job.

The Bonds Watch is going predictably slow. Last year, it took Bonds 26 Giants game to go from home run No. 712 to No. 715. Thursday’s contest was the Giants’ seventh since he went deep twice against the Cubs at Wrigley.

— Heard a rumor — and it’s just that, a rumor — that the Giants are in play in the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes, with Noah Lowry as the bait. That’s a trade I’d make in an instant. I know Teixeira has had a rough year with the Texas Rangers, but he’s a switch-hitting masher the Giants could stick at first base for five years.

— That said, the Giants pitcher I predict will go (if any do) is Matt Morris. Teams that need pitching this time of year are looking for veterans with playoff experience. Morris has that.

— Wouldn’t be shocked if the A’s hold onto Shannon Stewart and Joe Kennedy, two viable trade candidates. Both could gain the team draft picks next spring, and that’s something general manager Billy Beane always considers.