Is today the day for Bonds?

Well, B-day is here. The guy with the handsome mug (as my friends say, “a face made for radio,”) you see above came into this world 39 years ago today. And gotta be honest, I’d much rather be throwing batting practice (to my almost-5-year-old Clayton) and slapping fives (with my 10-month-old Noah) than watching both here at the park. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great job, and I’m extremely appreciative of it. But during the course of a season, one day blends into another, and a day devoid of baseball is good for the soul now and then.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that I’ve been predicting for about six weeks now that today would be the day Barry Bonds would hit either 756 or 755. As long as I’m here, might as well see some history. He’s in the lineup; in this instance, day game after night game doesn’t matter.

Sergio Mitre on the bump for Florida. Hopefully, he’ll pitch to him. Dontrelle Willis did a decent job of that last night, after the disgraceful effort by Marlins pitchers on Friday — four straight walks after Bonds hit No. 754. Logic suggests Bonds won’t homer today — that day game after night game thing _ but I’ve got to stick with my prediction.

Speaking of Willis, he sure seemed to throw far more slop than he did in years past. He did hump it up to 94, 95 mph around the fourth and fifth innings, but he spent much of the game around 88 or 89. Stuff didn’t seem nearly as electric. Could be the reason he’s struggled so mightily this season.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention the 1987 Giants. They’ll be honored today. Probably the first Giants team to which I ever paid attention. The NLCS they played with the Cardinals was one of the best playoff series ever played. Not surprisingly, Candy Maldonado is not slated to be here.