The Bonds Watch

Exactly an hour before first pitch here at AT&T Park tonight, and as Barry Bonds readies to face the Washington Nationals and rookie left-hander John Lannan, the debate on the field regards only one topic.

When will No. 756 happen?

My guess, and I was dead wrong on my two other predictions _ a) it wouldn’t in 2007 and b) July 29 _ is that it’s coming Wednesday night. Lannan is a wild man, as evidenced by his getting ejected in his debut for hitting two batters back-to-back, so maybe he’ll make a mistake and leave a pitch out over the plate for Bonds to crush. More likely, he’ll be nowhere near the zone, and if and when he does make a mistake, Bonds will miss it.

Willie Mays is here tonight, but president Larry Baer said Mays will likely watch the game in the clubhouse. Managing general partner Peter Magowan also is expected to be here, and Baer said Magowan has talked with Bonds since No. 25 tied the mark Saturday. Thought it was interesting that nobody called out Magowan publicly for not being in attendance for that moment. Criticize commissioner Bud Selig and his reaction all you want, but Magowan is the guy who has ridden Bonds’ coat tails for 15 years.

Anyway, first pitch is in an hour. Stay tuned.