The Bonds Watch (A 5-pitch walk)

Two at-bats, and still he waits. Barry Bonds drew a five-pitch walk from John Lannan with nobody out in the third. And in the aftermath of the walk, you can see why Bonds’ presence is both a good and bad thing for the Giants. Good, because, well, it’s obvious. Bad, because his walk put runners at first-and-second with no outs in a 1-1 game, and the Giants fans were booing. Last I checked, first-and-second with no outs was a good thing.

(Of course, the Giants made nothing of it. Bengie Molina popped out, Ray Durham hit into a double play. Does any area do rally killing like our two Bay Area clubs?)

It’s 1-1 into the fourth. One note: Of the 21 home runs Bonds has hit this season, only six of them have come after the fourth inning.