The Bonds Watch (K)

Barry Bonds told reporters in San Diego on Sunday that he wouldn’t need long to end the suspense of No. 756 if he maintained his mechanics. I’m not a hitting coach, and I certainly won’t profess to be able to break down a swing of Bonds’ caliber.

That said, I imagine he’s not mechanically sound when he comes out of his shoes twice the way he did in his final at-bat Monday, a strikeout against Washington Nationals starter John Lannan.

Bonds had a 3-ball, 1-strike pitch to hit. A fastball that looked to bisect the middle half of the plate. Bonds’ swing was not nice and easy. It was hard, as if he were trying to knock off the head of any reporter that’s been following The Chase for the past month. Anyway, his head jerked upward his shoulder yanked open and the result was predictable — a swing-and-miss.

Then Lannan made a very nice pitch on 3-2, a bender that dipped below Bonds’ belt at the last moment. Another mighty rip and miss. And with that, an 0-for-3, one-walk night was in the books. Henry Aaron shares the record for one more night. Bonds is out of the game, the Giants are tied 1-1. But as we all know, the result really doesn’t matter anymore.

What does matter: My prediction for a Wednesday rendezvous with 756 is still alive.