The Bonds Watch (2B)

Well, no sooner had Barry Bonds smoked a double to Triples Alley off Mike Bacsik in the second inning than my cell phone rang. Buddy of mine watching on TV, on the other end, exclaiming: “If he doesn’t hit it off this chump tonight, he never will.”

Interesting evaluation, and one that’s hard to dispute. Turns out Bacsik is a lefty and he seems to be throwing absolute slop. His fastball seems to top out around 87 mph, his ball doesn’t have exceptional movement, and his command doesn’t seem the greatest.

In other words, this is a guy Bonds would’ve taken into the Cove a couple of times during his prime. Now, well, Bonds is 43, so nothing’s automatic. He elevated only one pitch from Bacsik in his first at-bat, hitting a pop up to the right side that Nationals second baseman Ronnie Belliard couldn’t corral. The double was smoked; it simply lacked elevation.

Does that mean history is a couple of innings away?