The drive for 100

One question: Does anybody think the Giants have it in them to lose 100 games?

They hurt their chances Thursday, beating the Atlanta Braves 9-3 behind Tim Lincecum and a power spree.

Nevertheless, I think all the ingredients are there. The Giants are the two things a team needs to be to reach the century mark: Old and bad. Usually, veterans on clubs this hopelessly out of the race tend to shut it down this time of year, and the Giants have enough dissatisfied veterans who may become disinterested to give 100 losses a real shot. Just judge by Barry Bonds’ effort in the outfield the other night.

Entering the night, the Giants needed a 12-30 finish to join their 1985 predecessors as the only club in Giants history to reach that dubious distinction. That’s tough. They’d need to go 2-5 over ever seven games from now until the end, and with Lincecum and Matt Cain starting two of every five games, they’ll probably win at least 12 games by accident.

Still, it’s worth watching. If you’re going to be bad, better to distinctively bad. I mean, the 1985 Giants still get mentioned every now and then. Unfortunately, these Giants will probably come up short. I’m thinking they top out at 95 losses.

But here’s to them giving it a whirl.