Break up the Giants

Well, now that it’s clear the Giants won’t lose 100 games, I’ll be expecting my thank-you card in the mail. Couple of weeks ago, I blogged that they might make a real run at the century mark, and as only I can do, put the reverse-whammy on them, and they’ve hardly lost at all since then.

On Monday, they ran their hot streak to 10-2 with a win over the Colorado Rockies. The kids who played all contributed, with Brian Wilson being particularly impressive after taking over for Barry Zito. As for Zito, he was very good for the third straight time.

So, bring this group back intact in 2008 and it’s a juggernaut?

Uh, I’m not willing to go there yet, and if Giants fans are smart, neither will they. Their hot streak represents barely more than one-sixteenth of a season, and every club, no matter how awful, tends to have one of two hot stretches in a season. That’s what the Giants are experiencing, so enjoy it while it lasts.

That said, there are some good things happening. Kevin Frandsen had a big hit last night; perhaps the Giants will leave him alone to play one position over the final month.

Wilson was great, though who out there wouldn’t mind seeing him pitch the ninth. Spring training is a lousy way to gauge if a guy can handle the final inning, and while Wilson certainly seems to have the make-up, why not give him that opportunity now? Brad Hennessey has had a nice season, but let’s face it, he doesn’t strike guys out, and he doesn’t have filthy stuff. In short, he’s Tim Worrell, and while that could mean one or two outstanding seasons, it also means Hennessey is not the long-term answer.

Zito, meantime, just continues to do what he normally does in August. Doesn’t mean he’s going to morph into an 18-game winner come next season, though. The reason he’s succeeding now is because he’s snapping off his curve as confidently as he has all season. But when he loses the feel, the struggles will return, because he simply doesn’t throw real hard anymore, and his fastball command has always been shaky anyway.

Still, this is a nice stretch, and the Giants should enjoy it. Ruining the seasons for other teams would be a nice way to finish out a mostly miserable season, and the Giants are playing their most consistent ball all season, so no reason why that can’t happen.