A’s (for absent)

No shock here, but the A’s just announced that third baseman Eric Chavez, center fielder Mark Kotsay and outfielder Travis Buck will not play for the rest of the season.

I’ll have more on this down the road, because other assignments are making a lengthy diatribe prohibitive. But generally speaking, it’s smart. Chavez and Kotsay haven’t been 100 percent in two years, so no use rushing them back for a season that’s lost. Better to let them have an extra month to heal.

Buck, meantime, is a key cog in the A’s future. He’ll have surgery to repair a damaged right elbow that’s plagued him all year. The A’s will need him right and able to stay on the field 145-155 games a year, and I’d imagine this is the first step toward that.

As for what the future holds for Chavez and Kotsay? Who knows if they’ll even be here. But that’s a discussion for down the line.