One Week to Go

Caught the end of the Cleveland Indians clincher vs. the A’s on Sunday, and noticed just how many of the A’s hung around in the dugout after the final out to watch the Indians celebrate their American League Central title. It’s funny to read players say how they don’t want to be any part of such a thing and then watch how they can’t take their eyes off it.

It was a good thing for the the green and gold (and soon to be black) to see it though, because there’s nothing then stoking the hunger to be successful than to see other teams party. The A’s have so many young kids who are probably happy to be in the majors that losing probably hasn’t kept too many of them up nights.

Granted, the youngsters shouldn’t be held responsible for the A’s first losing season since 1998. Guys getting their first exposure to the majors have enough on their mind trying to stay there, so it’s unreasonable to expect them to win. You need a pretty decent mix of veterans for that, and almost all of the A’s veterans spent their season in the medical room.

Anyway, the misery for the A’s and Giants lasts only one more week. Only question about the Giants is whether Barry Bonds will be available to play one final home game. Speaking of Bonds, complete lack of class shown by A’s general manager Billy Beane with his “no comment” on Bonds’ imminent departure. It doesn’t take much to say, “Guy had a great career,” even if he does play across the Bay. When Beane leaves the A’s, the headlines will be just as big and just as many comments will be sought. And, like Bonds, Beane’s tenure will be worthy of a sentence or two of thought. I’m not a Bonds fan, but Beane’s stance struck me as very weak.