Sensational Sunday (Update 3)

So much for a San Diego waltz to the NL wild-card spot. An error by Padres third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff and a home run by another young Milwaukee Brewers stud, Corey Hart, has cut the Pads’ lead to 3-2 after four innings in Milwaukee.

Meantime, Florida has added a run is back up seven (8-1) vs. the Mets, and the Phils lead remains 3-1 over the Nationals after six innings.

It’d be interesting to see the fallout that would await Willie Randolph should these scores hold. The Mets will have pulled off the greatest collapse in history — they led by seven games with 17 left — and expunged the ghost of Gene Mauch, who presided over a colossal Phillies collapse in 1964. Meantime, the Phils have been eliminated on the last weekend the past two seasons, so only the masochist in you could possibly root for them to miss out again.

Just finishing up this blog, and have noticed that the Padres have gotten a home run from Khalil Greene to go up two. Bad news for the Coloradoans.